We are excited to announce our Bred Female Sale this Monday, July 24th on Showpig.com! We are offering our Lucky 13 lots with due dates from early August to early September. We believe these females represent some of the best of our herd and will make great contributions for their buyers. We welcome you to call or text us with any questions. We have delivery options that include stops as far east as Richmond, IN and as far south as the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


We are also just beginning to kick-off an exciting late summer/fall farrowing season. We anticipate over 70 litters arriving now through Sept. 20th. Please take a look at our Sires page for a full list of AI sires utilized this season.


We are always happy to tour visitors through WinMor Farms. In general, the best times to tour are between 10 AM and 8 PM each day. This allows us time to finish morning chores and provide a clean environment to view pigs in our show barn. We DO understand that out-of-state visitors often run earlier and later...and typically at a frantic pace. We will do our very best to accommodate tours for your group even if your arrival falls outside of our ideal window. Without you, we are not in business!


WinMor Farms adheres to strict biosecurity procedures. We kindly request that our guests wear clean clothes and shoes to tour. When you arrive, we ask that you don't park right next to our buildings, particularly if you have other animals on board. As soon as you pull into our farm, a WinMor team member will greet you at your vehicle and provide you with disposable coveralls and boots. We ask that you do not enter our buildings without a WinMor representative to escort you. We thank you for consideration in protecting our herd as well as the herds of neighboring breeders.


Our farm is located right off I-80 (Exit 182) between Des Moines and Iowa City. If you need a place to stay overnight, we have discounted hotel rates negotiated for WinMor Farms customers. Give us a call and we'd be happy to answer any questions ahead of your tour. We look forward to your visit!


Sale Schedule





July 24th

Bred Female Sale



Fall Online Sale Dates Coming Soon!






Show Schedule





July 5-7

Summer Type Conference

Louisville, KY

August 19-20

Indiana State Fair

Indianapolis, IN












We promise to provide transferred registration papers to buyers within 7 days of purchase.  All purebreds will have papers by the time they are made available to customers for viewing and purchase.


WinMor Farms accepts all major credit cards for payment.